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The North Carolina rapper’s potential was limitless from a young age. Is there anything that Strick can’t do? Having carved out a career in the corporate world before stepping onto the music scene. Wealth of opportunities lay ahead of him, and the obvious choice was music. From earning his first platinum record. For “Coordinate”(Travis Scott) to collaborations with Young Thug, A$AP Rocky, Kayne West, and Ty Dollar $ign. He officially being signed to Young Stoner Life Records in 2018.

With his unmistakable lyricism and strong bars. Strick is the epitome of passion and perseverance in proving he is capable of anything. He takes this to new levels in 2023 with his invigorating new single “Wassup.”

Strick does not miss when it comes to the finer details in his work. Anything he does, he does with a purpose. He intends to spread positivity, encourage people to be themselves, and be as ambitious as possible throughout his work. It proves that the rewards will always outweigh the risks. For someone who believes in themselves and is willing to pour all their passion and hard work into their creativity. He was ambitious yet still humble and genuine to himself.

It’s clear to see how transparent. He is as we can learn something new about him from every new album or mixtape he releases. He is an artist who evolves through time as his fans gain a deeper insight into him as a person. From albums “The Machine, Vol 1” to “Strick-Land” 2022 and most recently: “2LATE 2APOLOGIZE”(featuring Ty Dollar $ign). Only taking two days to put together a whole mixtape.

Even amongst Strick’s peers and artists. He has worked alongside; he has embraced his artistic identity and stayed true to himself. He accredits Thug for how he has unified a family of artists(forming YSL records). How it’s not about who goes first or who goes last, but that they will all get their time eventually. YSL has always stuck to being a close-knit community- a talented powerhouse. That puts loyalty and supporting each other at the forefront of its core values.

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