Zoe Rosegold Creates “Highgrade” Canna-Music

Few artists have been able to meld the worlds of Hip-Hop and cannabis as effortlessly as Zoe Rosegold. In “Highgrade”, the multi-diverse entertainer delivers some of her most personal and reflective material yet. While also creating a masterpiece of audio that incorporates the often-taboo subject of cannabis use. 

Zoe Rosegold is an incredibly talented lyricist. On her hot hit “Highgrade” she shows off her lyrical skills as well as her story-telling aptitude. Zoe Rosegold’s music combines the perfect combination of experimentation and innovation. Additionally, she has captured the excitement, energy, and vibrancy of the cannabis culture. As a result, she turned her raved record into a cinematic classic.  

Zoe Rosegold Is The New Voice of Cannabis Infused Hip-Hop Music. 

In combination with its mesmerizing hooks, infectious beats, and soulful lyrics, “Highgrade” creates what can only be described as the ultimate balance of genius and aspirational dynamism. On the trailblazing track, the standout star displays her impressive lyrical prowess and her impressive vocal range. In fact, from rapid-fire rhymes to melodic singing, she effortlessly switches between the two styles without missing a beat. 

The record never comes across as too heavy-handed at all due to Rosegold’s lighthearted delivery. Overall, her trendy track, ‘Highgrade’, is a cinematic classic that tells the story of a young woman’s journey through the world of cannabis. It serves as an underground classic in the world of cannabis-inspired music. With that being said, Zoe Rosegold is leading the charge in making this genre of music mainstream. Zoe Rosegold is the CEO of Zoe Exotics and content curator for RESULTSANDNOHYPE.  Lastly, stay locked here at KAZI Magazine for all things “Highgrade”! Press play now!


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