Zhu & Tinashe give Pop Music a Sultry Spin in “Only.”

After the announcement of his sighing to Luminosity Gaming as a digital creator, Grammy-nominated producer Zhu has teamed up with pop songstress Tinashe for their latest track “Only.”

“Only” is a dark electronic pop track that has a gradual build and subtle production elements that keep the listener engaged throughout. In the beginning, Zhu’s vocals give off the feeling of a The Weeknd song, but as Tinashe’s voice appears, she makes the track her own, giving the song an alluring yet sultry feel.

The track was released alongside a music video directed by Jack Murgatroyd. In a press release, Murgatroyd discusses how the visual is able to reflect the current social climate. “The video nods to the current moment, that ubiquitous feeling of uncertainty and uneasiness. This was our creative approach to exploring those emotions, our abstract way of trying to tap into our feelings of isolation and redundancy.”

Check Out “Only” by Tinashe and Zhu, along with its video and its video below.

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