zen Dash shows no sign of letting up

Upcoming artist Zen Dash is the talk of the town. His latest single, Faithful, just dropped and it’s absolutely fire. Production is entirely put together with such a unique sound. Zen does a good job staying consistent and he shows no sign of letting up on his fans. Zen has made a name for himself and is quickly spreading down to all the states. The high energy and new look showcase his true character that many labels are on the lookout for.

His new video “EverAfter: Do It” just dropped and it has heads turning. In moments of extreme pressure, sometimes the only way to get closure is to revisit that cause of that pain. For Zen, allowing his viewers to understand his internal pain throughout this animated music visual shows many different themes.

Zen Dash is unquestionably an artist to keep a very close eye on as he continues to take successful steps towards separating himself from everyone else with his distinct vocals and vision for his future.

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