Zell Music The Superstar Producer Who Worked With Young Thug, Quavo, & More

Zell Music from Tacoma, WA Currently residing in Houston, Tx; started playing the drums in church at 4 years old. He Started rapping at 9, & fast forward to 15 years old, he started producing and writing music. Zell Music Started engineering by himself at 16 on Pro Tools. By 18 he started to release his own music on streaming services and performing live. The 28-year-old producer has a lot of experience with music and is seasoned in the music industry with knowledge from personal experience and others. The humble superstar is very Serious about his career. Zell Music is fully invested in his music. He works at it each day, treating the business side of the music just as serious as he treats the creative process. Zell went to school for music and taught upcoming artists/producers the knowledge he obtained over the years while getting better himself in the process. Zell has never thought about quitting music because he has a passion for it. On the contrary to thinking about quitting music, Zell does the opposite as he has quit everything including basketball, football, baseball, and more hobbies he was good at to get better with his true passion. God inspires Zell the most & he’s the reason why Zell believes in himself so strongly. Zell has expressed he is also inspired by different music artist and producers. Zell Music produced “You Said” by Young Thug ft. Quavo off his Beautiful available on the Thugger Girls Album which charted and went certified gold approaching platinum status. Zell Music’s favorite producer is Kanye West. Zell is not signed to a label and is independent & has started his label called Zell Music Group. Zell would one day want to work with Drake, Chris Brown, Kanye, Roddy Rich, DaBaby, Lil Baby just to name a few. He has performed at various concerts, festivals, and live sessions. Next for Zell is an engineered theme song for the new hit TV series “O’shae” premiering November 12th on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime (Directed by Eric Hunter). Zell is releasing his next upcoming single “One More Chance” this December on all streaming platforms and shooting the music video with Christopher Munson (Creator of Humble Gems Cinema). Zell is going to continue uploading amazing content on social media and provide valuable information on music production via YouTube. Zell got into music because his dad started a group Watson ENT for his older siblings and him. He gave them each a role to contribute to the group. He bought them their first studio and let them learn everything on their own. From there on out he practiced producing and recording himself & didn’t stop since. Zell Music is focused on what he wants and is blowing up.






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