Zaytown Sorority Unleashes New Single, “Bandz”

On Friday, Zaytoven’s 2019 Zaytown Sorority class dropped a new track called “Bandz”, available to stream and download on all major platforms. The song features verses from Robyn FlyStacey CaxhTiffany BleuMiss RaindropMarcy White, and Yummy Pearl.

This new all-female cast is the third edition of Zaytoven’s ongoing girl power project. His first Zaytown Sorority mixtape dropped in 2014 and in 2017, the second featured a few of hip-hop’s most-wanted female MCs. The 2019 incarnation of the concept arrives as a collaborative single. “‘Bandz’ is a girl anthem, new ratchet style flow mixed with old school flava,” Zaytoven said.

Atlanta-bred songstress, Tiffany Bleu said, “I’m excited about working with all the girls with different personalities, different creativity, different types of talent… like just real true girl power.” Zaytown Sorority Vol. 2 featured Tiffany’s debut single, “Smile” and her 2018 EP, Outta Da Blue, featured 6 new songs, all produced by Zaytoven. He invited her back to the crew to add her “I’m able to show my versatility. Because truly, I’m a songwriter,” she continued. “I sing. But working with Zay, I’m able to channel different entities within myself. I’m rapping on this project!”

Miss Raindrop just happened to cross paths with the collective in-studio and got invited to be featured on the record. “It was definitely a blessing,” she said. “I was just in the right place at the right time. I was in the studio on the girls’ first day of recording. I didn’t know anything about it, I was just trying to get in the studio to work that day, come to find out, they were working on the Zaytown Sorority project. Since it was the first day, Zay was actually there and he personally invited me back for the rest of the session! So, I came back, put my little spice on the song… I had a great time working with the other females, too.”

Marcy White added,“It was an awesome collaboration, a mixture of girls from everywhere, united by Zay. It was fun! We came up with a dope, ratchet song… I’m from Florida, so I’m not from here [like the others]. I was able to see and learn a lot from these beautiful women.” The former fashion boutique owner’s version of female empowerment includes promoting sexual responsibility. Earlier this year she told Hip Hop Weekly that she’s planning a campaign to promote safe sex. “…Kind of like that TLC vibe back in the day,” she said. “I’m a woman…so at the end of the day, I know a lot of girls are listening, looking up to me…it’s entertainment [but]some of it is my life, as well.”

Zaytoven’s imprint on the music that comes out of Atlanta is too widespread to summarize on any single mixtape. Some of today’s biggest female hip-hop superstars were with him “shooting in the gym” so-to-speak. On this third installment of the Zaytown Sorority series, his influence on the women in hip-hop can’t be disputed. Click below to listen to “Bandz” by Zaytown Sorority 2019!

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