Zay The Don Is On The Rise

The industry has slept on Zay for years. After years of crafting his gift and dropping mixtapes back to back, he rightfully made a name for himself and achieved a place in the books as one of the most rising talents coming out of the states.

Zay isn’t only a rapper but a self made businessman, who went from hustling on the streets to creating legitimate business for his music and family. He main talent Zay has is that he is a music manager and model. He finds a way to balance everything on his plate with ease. One thing we do love about Zay is that he isn’t afraid to express himself. The rising star has been tapping into his feelings and creating music since he was first started. His love for music is shown in each new release, early on when he was introduced and self-taught how to use GarageBand.

Having been hip to him for a while now, we think its clear to see Zay reach new heights in the upcoming year, his growth is something that I love most. When I first noticed him, he had just released a few projects and we clearly hungry for more.

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