Zaire Drops ’11:11′ and It’s A Dream Come True

A young king by the name of Zaire is rising out of the West Coast. Ready to put his foot on the industry’s neck, the Los Angeles artist returns with his new 11:11 EP. Zaire continues to leave his mark in music, one hit at a time! He turns tragedy to triumph through his music and the greatness he’s destined for is displayed.

After an almost deadly experience he realized that his calling was to utilize his music to bring hope to those who felt hopeless. As a result, it is a testament of Zaire’s life and highlighted through his creative collective Never Fold. His optimal pen game is displayed as his emotions flow into his lyricism. This multitalented creative has a few other tricks up his sleeve as he is proficient in engineering, producing, and blending music.

Look Up It’s – 11:11

The L.A. native’s new project, 11:11 , is a beacon of hope for fans. Zaire showcases his talents and takes no prisoners on his new project. In addition, he guides listeners on a poetic synopsis of 11:11 with his intro “Eye Of The Storm.” He emphasizes the need of embracing one’s demons. In order to obtain a deeper understanding of oneself and to properly appreciate one’s angels throughout the intro.

Keeping up momentum, the ambitious MC transitions into the first track “Solid,” off his current project. With his foot on the game’s neck, he underlines the importance of being firm despite the challenges he faces on the journey. Zaire says, women, fake friends, and industrial rivals will not deter him from praying and fighting for what he wants.

Zaire’s Visual

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Zaire’s “Jaded” visual proves this to be true. Zaire skates through the music with minimal production, allowing his vocals and words to shine through. 

The visual comes as the focal point as Zaire is able to shine and get in his bag. As a result, the production and flow switches up midway, in which brings more life to the already dynamic track. During this shift, the MC’s confidence is at an all-time high, and surely doesn’t disappoint.

Sincerely, Zaire

On his outro, “Sincerely Zaire,” Zaire prepares listeners for the upcoming project. This record is a self-reflection of everything the MC has gone through in his life. Zaire informs listeners that he isn’t waiting for his flowers. For this reason, he’ll pat himself on the back for how far he’s come. With his DIY mentality, Zaire and his team are destined to win. 

For now give the 11:11 project a spin and let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine. Also be sure check out the visuals for “Jaded” above. Don’t  forget to let us know what you think! 

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