Zae France Releases Debut Project, “Rhythm And Backwoods”

“Rhythm And Backwoods,” the debut project from Zae France, is nothing short of soulful. Dropping September 13th, all 14 tracks offered great insight into the diverse vocal range France carries. Beginning with a skit, the anticipation felt by the slew of voicemails offers a heightened level of anticipation prior to the opening track.

From harmonizing about new found wisdom to sensual serenades, the entirety of the album gives off some sonic version of authetincity. Out of the gate, one of the highlights is #4, ‘2 Rounds.’ Eerily reminiscent of early 2000’s Usher, the vocals command a level of energy that bring an almost spiritual effect through the earphones. The ability to intertwine sensual energy throughout the length of an album takes a certain level of cadence.

Not only does the album continue to impress at the halfway mark, the use of skits have kept me entertained before I could lose focus. All using presumably authentic voicemails, the incorporation of the comical hype from his circle tells a larger story. Not only had this been a passion for a while, but all parts of his outer circle we’re re-affirming this. Towards the end of the album, it feels more as if were the destiny of France. The last skit only solidifies that notion.

The voicemail of a close friend on “Money (Skit)” helps weave the project together. Not only we’re people anticipating an album, they were awaiting the public’s reaction France’s coming out party. It turned out to be quite the event.

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