Zac Chase is at a loss for words in new single

In a way, the title is misleading. Atlanta’s son Zac Chase has plenty to say to the object of his affection in new single “Concentrate.” Three minutes and 45 seconds worth of things to say, to be exact. The title is a reference to the hook, where he shamelessly admits repeatedly he’s forgotten what he was going to say or lost track of his thoughts due to how beautiful she is.

Chase doesn’t approach her like some elite operator, though he raps like one for sure. It’s the humility and detail in shooting his shot that likely carried him over. He put on his favorite shirt knowing she’d be at an event he was at. He admires how she doesn’t post a lot and keeps to herself. They’re more alike than she might realize.

Sonically, the song toes the line between backpack rap and sing-songy melody. He fits clever lines into emotive vocals and switches up his flow every so often to put on full display the rapping abilities we know come from his area. The beat was refreshing, packing real instruments and bringing alive the overall message.

It almost feels like a song a high schooler would write and perform in his garage to a crowd of classmates. Zac is the lead guitarist, staring into the eyes of the girl he’s into. She returns a smile, and goes back to Snapchatting the entire concert. I made all this up, but I think you all get the message.

“Concentrate” is a treat, and a sure deviation from the sound we come to expect from his area. Given his influences are Saba, JID, and Mac Miller we can’t be too surprised at the uniqueness and appreciation of live instrumentation. We’ve seen what he can do on previous singles “Talk To Me” and “Nowadays.”

This one, his third of the year, could be the song that gets people asking not who Zac Chase is, but how they haven’t yet heard of him or seen him on large stages. Check out “Concentrate” and maybe you’ll be inspired by a few lines to hit up your crush.

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