Yvngxchris Is Rapidly becoming A Rap Star

yvngxchris is unlike your typical high school student. In comparison, many 16 years olds biggest problem is falling asleep in class or trying to get their license. Meanwhile, Chris is managing multiple viral tracks, working with A-list acts, and signing record deals at this same age. It is safe to say that he and his peers’ life is not the same. Moreover, the “Blood On The Leaves” MC is not letting any of this success get to his head. He credits Dre The Mayor, Pusha T, and his family for keeping him humble and focused. Although he channels out current POTUS in his latest viral smash, “B*tch I’m Joe Biden,” he makes rap fun again.

Columbia Records has had a fantastic couple of years. Their track record with viral artists lately has been remarkable. Creatives like 24KGoldn, Cochise, Chloe x Halle, and Lil Nas X call the label home. Now, yvngxchris will be next in line to blossom under their tutelage. Just this year, he has seen over 250K videos made to his tracks on TikTok. His YouTube page has millions of views, and he is just getting started. In our brief but impactful conversation, he discussed his early years in Virginia, experiences in the music industry, and plans for the rest of the year.

Check out our highly anticipated conversation here below!

AD: First things first, for those who do not yet know you, introduce the world to yvngxchris!

yvngxchris: My name is yvngxchris, a 16-year-old artist from Virginia. Chesapeake, Virginia, to be exact.

AD: Speaking of Virginia & The DMV in general, you have already gained legendary co-signs from people like Pusha T and Dre The Mayor. How did you meet them and start working with them after?

yvngxchris: My A&R Mont Brown called me one day. He asked me if I wanted Pusha T to be my manager. Of course, I was like yeah, for sure, that would be great. We hopped on the phone with Dre & Pusha T a couple of days later, and their plan for me sounded great. After that, we just locked in, and it has been dope ever since.

Photo by Daniel Prakopcyk

AD: So as you said, you just signed to Columbia. How does it feel to be so young and attached to such a legendary imprint?

yvngxchris: Man, you know it has only been like a month since I signed, and it has not hit me just yet. Do not get me wrong, I am blessed and excited, but I know there is so much more to come.

AD: Nah for sure, coming out of Virginia, specifically the 757 there is not many creatives have made it to your level as of late. Who did you listen to coming up and gain inspiration from?

yvngxchris: I grew up inspired by all the goats, of course. People like Missy Elliot, Pusha T, Pharrell were all people I listened to growing up. I am inspired by the culture of Virginia and my area as a whole.

AD: Your sound is super unique, I have ways I would describe it but I would love to hear it from you about how you would do so?

yvngxchris: I would say it is unique. It is a mixture of different sounds. I take a little bit from here and there. To be specific, up-tempo, fun, and something you can party to. I have a crazy beat selection.

AD: A lot of your music seems as if it is made with live shows in mind. Do you think about performing when you are creating or is it just a coincidence that your music lends well to shows?

yvngxchris: It is kind of like a little bit of both. When I make songs, I think they will go and be a hit. So to be a hit, it has to be able to perform well at shows. I am keeping shows in mind whenever I make music, for sure.

AD: With a sound like yours, it is clear that you are a hybrid version of all of your musical inspirations. If you had to go to dinner with 5 people dead or alive that you draw from who would they be?

yvngxchris: Comethazine, he was a big inspiration. Ski Mask The Slump God because people say I rap fast. Lil Uzi Vert and not even just musically, but his work ethic inspires me a lot. I can only think of 3 for now.

AD: Speaking of all three of them, it seems that even on your socials you are a natural-born entertainer. Recently you even said you feel like in the next couple of weeks you will be the biggest thing in music. Is there something specific coming or are you just talking in general?

yvngxchris: I will say a bit of both. Soon, we are slated to drop “Blood On The Leaves” officially, which will catapult me up a lot in the underground. In general, I am just happy to see what comes with the next couple of records I have in the tuck.

Photo by Daniel Prakopcyk

AD: Your recording process has to be hectic I can only imagine. Are you writing or is it just a lot of punching in?

yvngxchris: To be honest, bro, it is a lot of punching in. I do not really like writing because it feels like an assignment for school or something.

AD: Do you have any dream collaborations or personal goals you can share with us?

yvngxchris: No specific goals, honestly. I want everything. I want to do merch, and I want a Grammy, sh*t an Oscar too. I want to get into acting also. As far as music, Drake is my only dream collaboration at the moment.

AD: It’s obvious you are a viral sensation, how do people react to you now that they have seen the success you have amassed now?

yvngxchris: I only talk to people I know. I have not seen any fake love or anything, to be honest. It’s been all love, man, and I appreciate it all.

AD: Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years? Is there anything you want your fans to know going forward?

yvngxchris: Honestly, at the top. Not even saying that to be cocky or anything, just in general. I feel like if I keep up at the pace I am on, I should be huge. I am just manifesting everything. Also, as far as my fans, if I can do it, you can too. I used to record on my phone on an app now I have a record deal. Whatever you want in this life, you can achieve if you work for it.

There is no limit to the success that yvngxchris can reach. His team is strong, and his maturity for his age is admirable. We look forward to seeing his next moves. For now, follow him on Instagram and check out his latest visual here below!

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