Yvng Leaf Drops “Summer Time” Quick for the Summertime

16-year-old sensation Yvng Leaf has become a popular new artist in 2019 with his catchy multi-genre infused sound showcased in breakout EP, Leaf Nirvana. Continuing to make strides, the rising star releases his new single, titled, “Summer Time”.

“Summer was approaching and I needed to make a song with an upbeat vibe for the summer and there is no better way to capture that than by making an EDM song,” says Yvng Leaf on the song meaning. “I had an idea and I wanted to expand my genres, so I made it, which helped me grow as an artist and helped me create a very upbeat unique summer song for the fans to enjoy.”

Slick, smart, well blended, “Summer Time” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan looking to check out the hottest sounds of the future. With the youth behind him, Yvng Leaf shows promise of being the biggest superstar in Futuristic EDM.

Yvng Leaf on “Summe Time”:

“Summer Time is usually a wild ride filled with ups and downs, and that’s what I tried to express through this song with the melodic upbeat structure and the sharp pitch changes, which takes you on a ride like no other song I’ve made yet. The engineering by Thomasjayofficial was spot on with the ad-libs being blended perfectly with the main vocals making it a song worth checking out.”

Stream “Summer Time”, available now via Leaf World Records.

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