Yung Gecko Is Never “Down Bad”

“Yung” age wise but aged in midset

Yung Gecko has recently dropped his first single of 2021, “Down Bad.” Garnering over 3 million streams on Spotify in 2020, rising momentum for the young artist has been building. “Down Bad” encompasses him growing comfortable being a mic controller on various beats.

Gecko is distinct in his music style with his unique rhythms; constantly releasing music to be original and fast paced. The song entails the struggle to be down in life and never give up; as there is always light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Yung Gecko also speaks on how he thinks people are lazy and him standing out from the crowd. Gecko does that with his work ethic and achieving his goals his way. Gecko puts a unique twist on a common theme in motivational rap.

With a solid talent pool and humble soul, Gecko might be one to keep an eye out for. Balancing school and music might be hard for some but Yung Gecko makes it look easy.

“Down Bad” can be listened to on all streaming platforms and is good for your occasional workout. With more music on the way, Yung Gecko works so he is never “Down Bad” again.

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