YTB Trench Is The Swiss Army Knife Of YSL

YTB Trench, whose moniker stands for “Young Trench Baby,” is the latest rising rapper carving out his lane within the rap scene. Furthermore, the 20-year-old rapper grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Although, early on, he spent some of his childhood in Michigan, Alabama & New York. Today, he has cemented himself as YSL’s swiss army knife with his extremely sonically diverse project entitled Versatalien. This new 13 song LP is an exciting start to his solo career as an artist. Many artists work their whole life for a chance to be signed by a record label. Fortunately for Trench, he caught the attention of 100K Management before even releasing a track. Fast forward to a couple of months later, his first official record, “My City,” would catch Young Thug’s attention. The GRAMMY-Award winning enigmatic rap superstar went on to sign Trench to Young Stoner Life Records/300 ENT.

YTB Trench’s first official track received a guest verse from Thugga and earned a single spot on Slime Language 2. The highly anticipated compilation album also included a Lil Baby & Gunna assisted record featuring a hook from the 19 rap rookie. The “Paid The Fine” visual is one of my personal favorites from the year. While rapping along to the hit single, they all teamed up to bond out a group of inmates from Fulton County Jail. As a young man from the streets, this gesture means a lot to YTB Trench. All of his lyrics are full of pain but also promise. You can hear he truly wants to be one of the best and change his situation. Moreover, during our interview, he expressed those exact sentiments.

Please take a look at our solid, heartwarming conversation on the YSL Rookie’s birthday!

AD: First things first, please introduce yourself to those who do not know who YTB Trench is?

Trench: What’s going on I’m YTB Trench, I’m from Cincinnati, and I’m YSL; let’s get it!

YTB Trench
YTB Trench x Young Thug

AD: How does it feel to be the next artist out of Ohio? Outside of Bone Thugs N Harmony, Kid Cudi, and Trippie Redd, there are not many.

Trench: Preparation & work ethic. You have to keep working so that people can know who you are.

AD: From what I heard “My City” is how Young Thug found out who you are. How did that song come about?

Trench: Yeah, it was! It is not too hard to talk about your life. That whole song is a story about some events that happened in my life, so it was easy to rap about.

AD: Did you play sports in High School growing up?

Trench: oh yeah! Basketball, for sure.

AD: Your music gives me a vibe that you are ready for like a Friday night game. Like you just know how to shine when the lights are on. You were on singles with Lil Baby, Gunna, Young Thug, and found a way to stand out on Slime Language 2.

Trench: You know that’s crazy because I look at it like I need to put what’s missing. Whenever I listen to a record, I never try to outdo anyone or try too hard. I listen to the sounds and add new ones that pair with them. I like to switch it up and pair it with what is already there. Moreover, I can give you any sound I want.

AD: I was listening to the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast episode with Young Thug and realized that he said you were coming with your project first! I guess that’s what happens when every song you are on charts on Billboard!

Trench: Right! That’s because he knows. My fans know, and everyone who has been down for a minute knows it’s time. Versatalien coming very soon. The craft and the work ethic will show on this. I was only 19 at the time, so that was huge, and I am signed to one of the biggest artists. It is crazy.

AD: How is it? Do you live in Atlanta now or are you back home in Ohio? What is the love like out there? Also, can you tell us who will be on the new LP?

Trench: Yeah, I am home now with my twin. We are really just out here and never lacking, you know that. I got discovered with no songs so for me to be signed and turn up like this fast is all crazy. It made me want to work harder, to be honest. For the project, you know it is family first; that’s all I will say.

AD: What is your goal with the music? Man, you are so humble but hungry so I am excited to see your growth. Who inspires you musically because you are such a unique artist. I haven’t heard artists outside of Lil Baby & Drake who made me want to dive into the rest of their music off of one song.

Trench: I want to find that genuine fan base and go crazy. My main goal is to put out music I like so that whoever latches on to that goes out with me and rocks out. That is all I want to see is who is rocking with me. I appreciate what you said, bro, because that is exactly what I am looking for from the music. True fans who dive into everything I have to offer musically.

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