YTB Fatt Taps MoneyBagg Yo and Fat Wizza for Hot New Hit “Shot Off Gumbo”

Keeping the momentum moving in the new year is none other than Bread Gang’s newest signee, YTB Fatt ! For his second installment of 2023, YTB Fatt taps MoneyBagg Yo and Fat Wizza to collectively come together to collaborate on a Bread Gang classic. The trendy track taking the game by storm is “Shot Off Gumbo”. It’ll definitely have you hype and ready to shoot off into Spring. 

In fact, fresh off of the heels of his latest partnership with Gumbo Brands, MoneyBagg Yo breathes new life into the launch with a vibrant visual to support its success. Back in December, the hottest cannabis buzzing in the street right now, Gumbo Brands, and chart-topping hitmaker MoneyBagg launched their new collab for Bagg’s new Gumbo strain “Shot Off Gumbo”. Since, Bagg and the team have been flying high! 

The sizzling single serves as a highlight hit that’ll move the masses. While professionally pushing the product placement to viewers to tap in! Throughout the accompanying visual, they complement each other well. The video shows exactly what it is like to be a part of the BreadGang ENT. West Memphis- made rhymer, YTB Fatt has been on a rapid rise since signing to Moneybagg Yo’s Bread Gang label. This well-crafted and thrilling track is YTB Fatt’s most recent release this year, following up a slew of singles that have stamped his signature sound. In addition to arriving alongside other trailblazing talent, Fat Wizza and MoneyBagg Yo who contribute captivating and boastful bars that’ll have the laced lyricism looped in your head rent free. 

“Shot Off Gumbo”

Furthermore, “Shot Off Gumbo” chronicles Fatt’s newfound success in a way that demonstrates his desire for more. Fatt’s captivating cadence flows over Yung Dee’s boisterous yet playful production providing you a feel like you’re sitting in the backseat of his Rolls Royce with $20,000 cash surrounding you. The raved record brings a unique blend of rap and hip-hop, with YTB Fatt’s signature style shining through. The booming blend of the catchy beat and clever lyricism creates an aura within the audio that is sure to get fans moving and grooving. Honing his craft in his hometown, it was only right putting his close friend and fellow Arkansas emcee Fat Wizza on a song. Especially alongside the enticing emcee Moneybagg Yo — that is a major move that makes it difficult not to root for him.

Fatt’s laid-back confidence and the imagery painted by his lyrics bring a new perspective to the sometimes stale “motion music” subgenre of rap. The delivered drop arrives alongside a visual which debuted on March 9th. Since, it’s amassed over 100K views and counting with fans showering love on each of the artists for their hard-hitting verses. Additionally, their visual immediately immerses viewers into the artists’ world, and you are encapsulated even before the breakout verse of the track begins.

YTB Fatt Is Gearing Up To Takeover 2023!

Overall, the featured track marks the start of more hit collaborations between the heavyweight hitmakers. In doing so, it is sure to keep fans wanting more as they anxiously await new music. For now, get familiar with YTB Fatt, Fat Wizza, and MoneyBagg Yo if you haven’t already. Press play on “Shot Off Gumbo” here at KAZI Magazine. Lastly, let us know what you think! 

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