YpgHaji Makes A Sweet Debut With “Godiva”

Singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer YpgHaji shows off his talent with his debut single “Godiva ” alongside its accompanying visuals. The artist showcases a fresh perspective using eclectic beats and juxtaposition of self-made sounds, repetition, and a combination of singing and rapping. The infectious single forces you to step into his world and experience the young love he describes.

His sound combines Lana Del Ray‘s vibe and wisdom with Kendrick Lamar‘s sick artistry and hooks. In each track, he brings you into his world, showing you how things could be, and tells his story of a simple boy from Senegal who had a dream. With a message of encouragement, he pushes his listeners to create for themselves and to never settle.

Watch the video below and make sure to stream “Godiva” by YpgHaji is available now on SoundCloud and Audiomack.

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