YouTuber Marcuus Lawrence shares excitement as he kickstarts his journey with his song “la mala”

Eminem to Jay Z to Kanye West to Linkin Park to Drake to the many more rappers across the world have only inspired their millions of fans to become rappers and artists who create music, giving not just themselves but also their fans a chance to vent and let out what they’ve been bottling up. In simpler terms. you can define rap as a style or piece of music that has a strong, fast rhythm that is spoken and not sung. 

Following the footsteps of these legends is celebrated YouTuber Marcuus Lawrence. Before we get into his footsteps into the world of celebrated rappers, here’s a little you need to know about him. Lawrence apart from being one of the most followed Youtubers has also created an online platform for influencers from different parts of the world called InSwip. He recently added another feather to his crowded cap – 100k+ views on his online channel. 

Lawrence is now venturing into the rapping world to become a rapper and inspire his thousands of fans with his music and rhythm. “It’s not sudden. I have always had an inclination and given this a fair thought. I, unfortunately, didn’t have the time, but I always tried writing a few lines before going to bed. Now, the time is right and I’m extremely excited,” adds Lawrence. 

While he gears up to up kickstart a new lease on his passion, Lawrence is strategically working towards building his presence on social media. He has not just impressed his fans on Instagram but on YouTube as well with his detailed videos including Mr Punisher, De Miami A Dunkerque among others. 

“I don’t want to divulge into too many details until everything I’m working on is ready. But one thing I know for sure and that is, that everyone is going to love and enjoy what I’m doing and I can’t wait for the world to see it,” he concludes.

To know more about the multi-faceted personality of Marcuus Lawrence, check out his Instagram page here – ‘@marcuuslawrence’.

Born in Roubaix, in France 27th March 1995

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