Young Thug Shares Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Young Thug releases a special performance via an “at home” rendition of NPR Tiny Desk. During the performance, Thug performs four brand new songs: “Die Slow”, “Droppin Jewels”, “Hate The Game”, and “Tick Tock” – which he teased at his set during Rolling Loud this weekend in Miami. Thug Teases 4 New Songs “Die Slow”“Droppin Jewels”, “Hate The Game”“Tick Tock” and Performs A Travis Barker Assisted Rendition of “Ski”.


In addition, Thug also performs a rock version of his viral hit “Ski” from his label’s Slime Language 2 compilation album that debuted at #1 on Billboard earlier this year. Along with the new music Thug also debuts a new pink aesthetic, a representation of the forthcoming album PUNK, of which he hints at a release date of October 15, 2021, on the back of his shirt during the performance.

With assistance from the band Damnage Gooods and legendary drummer Travis Barker – Young Thug puts on a rockstar performance showing nothing’s off-limits in this new era. Last year, Thugga dominated the Billboard Hot 100 without putting out a single solo project. Moreover, with the forthcoming release of his new album PUNK he proves that he has no plans of letting up. 

Check it out below!

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