Young Prototype: The Industry’s Promising Producer and Emerging Engineer

Panamanian-produced Young Prototype best known by Mixed by YP, is a multifaceted musician. This triple threat talent serves as an aspiring artist, prominent producer, and enticing engineer. Growing up, YP found inspiration into the industry through local friends and the likes of Lil Tecca.

Since stepping into the spotlight, YP has rapidly reached renown recognition and has established himself as one of the music industry’s most promising young talents. In doing so, he sets himself himself apart from the competition with his innovative music and production skills. While known for his dominating drill beats, YP has engineered some of the hottest Hip-Hop drill artists on the come up.

Young Prototype Is Dominating The Drill Scene

His notable network and sizzling skills have honed his craft through NYC drill artists such as Jen Carter, Kyle Richh, Shemmy, Blockwork, TaTa, and Miah Kenzo. The NY-native inked a deal with 86 records and in celebration has unleashed his trendy track “Movie” accompanied by vivid visuals. Following up on February’s “Ayo Chxno“, this track cements YP’s reputation as one of the city’s brightest new stars.

Unlike most artists, YP pens, produces and engineers his own music. His latest offering comes for those who take shots at him. In addition to referencing old friends turned enemies since his rapid rise to stardom! Therefore, the visuals add to the excitement of YP’s aggressive tone. Also, NYC-rapper Gorilla Nems is featured with YP and his friends as they demonstrate their sturdy dance skills.

It’s A “Movie” for His Debut

YP hits the gas with the graphics and lyrical flow, with 32 bars straight with no room to breathe. In terms of the drill scene, no other artist can exclusively produce and engineer their own tracks like YP. Until now, he is dedicated to shedding new light on the drill scene and is doing just that! Having already established himself as a top-tier engineer and producer, having worked with some of the music industry’s biggest names; YP now seeks to establish himself as a top-solo artist in his own right. Furthermore, his sizzling single “MOVIE“, he showcases his skills and makes another outstanding staple to his strive to success!

Don’t believe me? For now, press play on his debut drop “Movie” as a solo act! Lastly, let us know what you think. First, be sure to take a look at our informative interview on the trailblazing talent. Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine to see YP step into his successful spotlight as a solo star!

KAZI Magazine Chops It Up With The Trendiest Talents In The Industry from Producing to Engineering and More…

Hey! Thank you so much for speaking with me on behalf of KAZI Magazine! It’s a pleasure to have you. How’s 2023 been treating you so far? Let’s jump right in to talk about music, engineering, the drill scene and more. With that being said, for newcomers — who is Young ProtoType and where did it all begin? 

“”It’s been great so far. My team and I have a lot planned so I’m excited! YP is an artist / engineer / producer coming from Colon, Panama, — but I now reside in Manhattan, New York. I’ve been around music my whole life. I remember as a child, dancing and singing “Tipico” .. to now engineering and creating my own music. Its been a journey to say the least”.

• What’s your creative process like? Could you walk us through what sitting in a studio session with you is like?

“The first thing I do is look for a beat. Usually from my email or text messages because that’s how my producer peers send me beats. Once I vibe to one, I then get to the recording. I’m what you call a ‘punch-in’ artist. I don’t like to write so I just go with the flow and say what comes to mind. It’s crazy how some people find that difficult. It’s like muscle memory for me at this point”.

• As a multifaceted musician who is an artist, producer and engineer, what was your first ever recorded record? Also, do you have a personal favorite?

“The first artist I recorded was bankroll Eli. He’s one of my closest friends that helped me start this journey. He invited me to a studio session and told me to get in the booth because he believed I could rap like him. That’s where we made my first song called “Red Dead.” As for my favorite song.. I’d say is “Death Note”.. an unreleased song that I know when people hear it, will shake up the room”.

• Also, do you believe having skills in all three allows you to have a more disciplined and distinct musical ear? 

“Definitely! I’m very disciplined and strict when it comes to my music. People find me somewhat difficult, especially when it’s criticism because I already know what I want to do. I don’t let anyone else mix and master my tracks because I only know what I want for my sound”.

• Eager to know, who are your musical inspirations as far as engineers and producers paving the way for you to want to pursue production and engineering? 

“As for engineering, Mixed By Ali of TDE. I love to study his work. In terms of producers, I honestly don’t have any…”

• Who are your top 5 producers/engineers? 

“My top 3 engineers are “mixedbyAli”, “mixedbySpiro” and “Lucas Sarudiansky”.

My top producers I’d say “Ayoeliwtf”, “Otoileo”, “Kostfinger” and “shomii beats.”

The Artistry of YP

• For your unique style, what would you say are the fundamentals for producing/engineering a smash single? 

“First, always come prepared! Second, get the energy right. And last but not least, creativity! DON’T be scared to be different”.

• Additionally, as a producer and engineer, your producer tag is a reflection of the producer! What was it like hearing it on the airwaves for the first time?

“Man it was surreal. Like I had to really step back and say to myself, “THAT”S ME ON THE RADIO!”

• You are Panamanian through and through—what about your roots inspire you?

“The tough times my family and I went through. I use my music to vent about those obstacles and pretty much why I’m pursuing my career”.

• Since stepping on the scene you now reside in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. How would you say that’s influenced your musical sound and style?

“I feel I have my own sound so I couldn’t really tell you anyone that influenced me but I can say rappers like Sean Scott, BBE Marly and Marlon Craft really set the tone”. 

86 Records Signs Sizzling Star

• Next, signed to 86 Records Label, what was that call like and the experience? 

“It was more-so a conversation about how far we can go together. The founders of 86 Records are family.. they first hired me as a freelance engineer for their studio and that’s what solidified the music relationship”.

• Kicking off 2023 with trendy tracks, like “Ayo Chxno”, “Top 5”, and your most recent release, “Movie”. As your first installments of the year, what statement do you intend to make with these records?

“That I will be one of the best to do it.. matter fact, I am. No one has the passion and talent like I do for music. I engineer my own tracks and freestyle everything. And the records I have in the vault? Even better. I’m just getting started”.

  • Recently, you unveiled the visuals for your recent release, “Movie”, what was the inspiration behind its creativity?

“That song was more of a message to the oppositions that talk on my name. Also a message to free bankroll Eli, the one that really helped me start all of this. I owe him the world!”

• Equally important, the visual really breathes new life into the already lively record. What was that experience like working together?

“At first it was okay, he saw my vision but I feel he didn’t execute it. Everything could’ve been handled better from a business point of view”. 

YP Drops Drill Gems

• Not to mention, you’re known for producing the hottest hits for popular artists. With a love and passion for Drill, since stepping on the scene, you’ve engineered songs from some of the top drill artists, such as Jenn Carter and Kyle Rich, to name a few. Who are some other artists on your Drill production wishlist for collaborations?

“Ice Spice, Lil TJay ..A Boogie. Everyone else I technically worked with already or I already have something in the works with them”.

• Your music seems too experimental to box you in as just a drill talent. Your tracks are blended with elements of  hip-hop and reggae-influence or straight-up trap. Is that intentional?

“Yes it is. It’s because of my Spanish roots. Reggaeton and Rap cause me to have creative flows with samples. And I love experimenting with different sounds”.

• Additionally, I have to know. What are your thoughts on the Drill era? 

“I think it’s here to stay because every year it’s evolving. New talent and waves are emerging everyday”.

• Also, at only 20, you’ve established yourself within the industry fairly quickly. Do you have any advice for other young aspiring artists?

“Stay in your lane.. STUDY .. and most importantly don’t be afraid to be different and don’t hesitate to be creative”.

• Focused on doing your own thing, your own way, is that hard for somebody just coming into the scene full throttle?

“Yes it’s hard because people underestimate. Off many things like your age and who you have around you. But it doesn’t phase me because I’m gonna achieve my dreams regardless of what they say or think about me”. 

What’s Next?

• With a slew of sizzling singles dominating your discography. For new listeners, which record of yours would you tell them to press play on to to get the best impression of who ProtoType is and why? 

“I would click “Top5” because every 30 seconds or so the beat changes. That way they get a gist of different drill beats and what I can do”. 

• What do you want people to feel and take away from your music? 

“I want people to always feel the energy! And I want people to relate to my music”.

• Nonetheless, excited to know more — what’s next for ProtoType in 2023? 

“What’s next is pure bangers that will be released sooner than later. Songs that will have you in your feelings and songs that will have you energized”. 

• Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

“I love who loves me and trust that if you stick with me through this journey you won’t regret it!”

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