Young M.A and Fivio Rep Brooklyn in “Move Like a Boss”

“Move Like a Boss” gives us Fivio Foreign in his element. This track is pure New York, Brooklyn Drill music. It contains gritty, aggressive, arrogant lyrics about grinding until you make it and the survival that takes place in between. Fivio has been stretching out of his comfort zone recently by collaborating with other artists and switching his style up. Young M.A has a similar style to Fivio and brings out his best qualities in “Move Like A Boss.”

The beat in “Move Like A Boss” features a dark sounding, ominous humming chorus with an echo effect. This gives the track a dark sound and a ghost-like quality. Fivio is showing his lyrical strength. He is bringing back the energy he had in his break out hit “Big Drip.” Highlighting his hard attitude and boss mentality, his energy matches Young M.A’s making her the perfect feature.

Young M.A’s verse is short and to the point. Her boastful lyrics stay true to her lyrical freestyle sounding verses. Young M.A. stayed true to her cadence and style of rapping rather than trying to imitate or mirror Fivio’s flow. Since Fivio first started to feature on tracks with other artists they have tried to mirror his style rather than retain their own sound.

Stream “Move Like a Boss” Below:

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