Young Fairo Drops “2020 Vision”

Young Fairo is ready to get it done. Versatility and focus define the work of trap-alternative-hyper pop artist Young Fairo as he scales his climb to the top of the music industry. Born in Killeen, TX, and raised in Atlanta, Young Fairo first made his start in music back in 2015 at just 16 years old, experimenting with the craft in high school until he was encouraged to start taking it seriously. Now 4 years into his music career, Young Fairo is building a realm of his own, and with a blueprint and more music in the vault, he’s bringing everyone within reach along with him — starting with his new single, “2020 Vision”, which dropped early July off his upcoming project “Sip In Peace”, which is set to drop later this year.

Fans know that Young Fairo is an architect. “I’m a Gemini, so I have split personalities,” he says. “I feel like I’m 5 different artists in one. The diversity is endless— hip hop, pop, country, rock, and R&B. That’s what makes me different. Not many people can do what I do”. That versatility is what puts Young Fairo on track to be at the top of his game. For him, that’s the goal— to keep improving on himself and his craft. Engaging with instead of straying away from the diversity of what interests him in music is what sets Young Fairo apart. Citing Ozzy Osbourne, 50 Cent, Young Thug, and Michael Jackson as some of his greatest musical influences, Young Fairo is concocting his own genre. His sound, after all, is the result of 5 years spent developing his craft. “I’m a laid-back playa,” he describes himself.

Young Fairo Is A Modern Day Rockstar

All the while, he keeps an eye out for his community. “[I’ve given] away brand new clothes I couldn’t fit and old clothes I don’t wear anymore to the homeless in Old Fourth Ward,” he reflects on his experiences giving back to his community. “It’s important because your community is a representation of you and where you come from. If that is well taken care of, so are you”. The first person to break bread and the last to ask for something in return. Honestly, that’s the motto that Young Fairo lives by. His fans and supporters in tow, Young Fairo is taking us on a ride. Moreover, with the release of “2020 Vision” and his upcoming drop of “Sip In Peace”, we’re ready to come along.

Check it out here!

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