Young Dolph & Key Glock Drop “Sleep With The Roaches”

Young Dolph & Key Glock are the most prominent duo in Memphis right now. Their hilarious, yet impressive visuals are full of poignant messaging. Today, the tandem are both millionaires that live a life that many can only dream about. This was not always the case. At a time they were struggling and had to “Sleep With The Roaches“. Growing up struggling helps create a hunger that leads to success. The Dum and Dummer rappers went from floorboards to Billboard against all odds. Their new visual features some impactful bars, beautiful women in red light. Fancy cars, gambling, and pool games are an everyday thing when you get to this point of fame.

Ahead of their second full-length collaboration, Dolph & Glock look to feed the streets. Memphis has found a way to stay relevant for many years. Their tour last year came to a halt with COVID, but they never stopped working. With endless visuals and solo projects, the duo is ready to drop again soon. Their new single is the perfect follow-up to “Aspen” as they look to glide into their release date next week. The Paper Route Empire flag has been waving strong for years and it only looks to grow in 2021.

Check out the humbling new video below! Be sure to tune into this track and their previous single “Aspen” ahead of their next project. March 26th is looking to be an awesome day for music. Dolph and Glock have been ready to get back on the road to see their fans.

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