Young Dirty Bastard Brings “BarSun”

Brooklyn-bred, legacy lyricist Young Dirty Bastard, continues to expand on the legacy of father and Wu-Tang Clan member, Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Keeping the legacy alive (YDB), Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s eldest child, comes as RZA’s nephew and GZA’s cousin who is heavily influenced and inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan and is frequently found in their presence. As a result, Young Dirty Bastard grew up influenced by and regularly surrounded by members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Although many may feel as though he’s been birthed into the brand of the infamous Wu-Tang family, that he was handed success on a silver platter. But, that was never the case. Since a youngin’ he’s been hard at work and is destined to fill the void left by his legendary father. YDB stepped on the scene ready to embark on his empire. In doing so, began by releasing mixtapes through his label, Wu Music Group, before later releasing mixtapes independently.

Throughout his trailblazing career, Young Dirty Bastard has performed live with the Wu-Tang Clan. In addition to creating hits with RZA’s guidance. As well as landing a Ghostface Killah feature on his mixtape, A Dirty Tomorrow. He teamed back up with Ghostface alongside Wiz Khalifa on the soundtrack to “The Man with the Iron Fists.

He has also performed live with the Wu-Tang Clan and has appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Hot 97 Summer Jam, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the BET Awards with Latto and Mariah Carey to perform the remix for “Fantasy”, a Fortnite cameo, amongst many other opportunities.

Young Dirty Bastard Has A NY State Of Mind!

In fact, he recently wrapped a 25-city tour called “N.Y. State of Mind,” which featured Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, and Nas, among others. The tour concluded on October 4th at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl and was a hit! Fresh off the heels of his tour, YDB dropped off his latest offering. He served fans up with his trendy track titled, “BarSun,”! The hot new hit appears on his forthcoming album Brooklyn’s My Blood Type, set to arrive on 2/22/23.

Overall, having already collaborated with many hip-hop heavyweights, YDB continues to move the masses and expand on his fanbase. Inexplicably, he continues to be a criminally underappreciated rapper. This seems to be because his sound is far beyond his times as well as an underdeveloped discography. For example, he only has three tracks in his discography on Spotify. His first two tracks comes as original singles, while the third reveals itself to be a remix. As for the remainder of his Spotify streams are a result of his numerous contributions and collaborations with other artists’ discographies, albums, soundtracks, and singles. Staying booked and busy, YDB plans to see a strike in streams as he’s gearing up to release  back to back bangers leading up to his debut album. 

Passionate about New York, he uses artful lyrical tease to convey this to listeners. Young Dirty Bastard’s music inspires people to adopt a New York mindset while enjoy the enticing beats and lyrics. His records are unique, luring listeners with rhythms that make every eardrum itch for more. Don’t believe me? Press play on the trailblazing new track and its visuals! Lastly, let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine! 


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