Yolo King Releases New “Go Get It” Visual

Yolo King is not a stranger to obstacles. It’s unfortunate how many artists, especially Hip-Hop, face legal troubles during their careers. From your buzzing local rapper to our favorite mainstream acts, it happens on all levels of success. And today, we’re here to highlight a Haitian rapper who is currently fighting for his freedom: Yolo King.

Serving the last of his 39-month sentence and expected to be home before 2022, Yolo was charged following a trial that is now considered a mistrial. All the content found on his USB, including music, pictures, and videos, was all evidence of his case. His video “Go Get It” was also upheld but recently found the green light for release. And Yolo King wasted no time releasing it for his fans.

Yolo King Will Hopefully Be Back Out Soon

Now available on his official YouTube channel, the visual was shot before his arrest and was expected to drop earlier this year. Nonetheless, Yolo is very excited for the public to see it finally and wants them to know he is in good spirits despite his current legal situation.

“Everyday you wake up — it’s a blessing. You have make the best out of your 24hours and GO GET IT! No matter what obstacles you may be facing. And that’s exactly what the single and video represent!”

– Yolo King

The single is set to appear on his forthcoming project, “The Plot,” which is expected to arrive next year once King is home and free. Until then, be sure to run up “Go Get It” below!

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