Yohannes Grabs DJ hollyGrove For “Inquire”(Chopped Not Slopped Remix)

Yohannes AKA Gabriel “Yohannes” Smith II, took a different approach to the remix. Instead of changing the song’s lyrics, he tasked The Chopstars affiliate DJ HollyGrove to chop up the track. “Inquire” is the all too familiar tale of miscommunication in relationships. The production from @prodbyche pairs well with Yohannes’ smooth voice on a song that RIAA Platinum-certified engineer Mooch mixed. Over time, Mooch and Yohannes have built a bond through music. Their tight-knit relationship bleeds over into their music. The synergy is excellent and serves as a 40/Drake-ish dynamic. Yohannes would be doing his fans a disservice if he decided to stray from his magical formula as of late.

“Ask yo self before you get in what here come widda price. You fall in between decisions when you learn in this life. If you sabatoge this blessing then you prayed outta spite. Like a leg flying through Tekken, I be kickin it right”

Yohannes shot by Quincy Coppage

The Virginia creative is still riding high on the wave of his early single “Moderation”. After seeing over a million total streams on his music, he knew it was time to put the pedal to the floor. In a pandemic, it can be tough to draw inspiration. The Grand Rapids, Michigan born artist only knows how to draw from what’s real. Relationships are a big part of everyone’s life and “Inquire” is only further proof. He is excited to create more content this year and share his impressive vision with the world. Stay tuned for more heartwarming jams from the RVA crooner soon.

For now, follow Yohannes on IG and stream his Chopped Not Slopped Remix to “Inquire” here!

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