YNG Josh: Grammy-Nominated Producer Bringing All Of The Mainstream Music

Houston’s heavyweight hitmaker YNG Josh has been staying busy as he returns with some new releases! The Grammy-nominated producer arrives just in time to heat up the summer with some fresh hits. This time, he teams up with Chris Brown on his 10th studio album, BREEZY. 

The Rise Of YNG Josh

With YNG Josh bringing bass backed by Breezy’s bar, these two talented gentlemen collaborate on bangers such as: “Harder”, “On Some New Shit”, and “Sleep At Night”. Recognized for his incorporation of celestial sound effects with booming 808’s and cuts to represent his dream-turned-reality lifestyle, Josh does it again! To date, YNG is best known for his collaboration with Nipsey Hussle on “Keys 2 The City 2”, which can be found on the late rhymer’s Victory Lap. Working with Nipsey Hussle was a watershed moment for Josh that led to opportunities such as working with YNW Melly and other dope acts.

As a result, he’s become a Billboard bully with three Billboard charting records on YNW Melly’s Melly vs. Melvin. Which include trendy tracks such as “Adam Sandler,” “Billboards,” and “I Ain’t Lying”. Since, he’s also worked with Ariana Grande, YFN Lucci, Tobe x 2 Chainz, Earth Gang, amongst many others on some of their sizzling singles as well! Most recently, Josh had the opportunity to be a part of his childhood history as he worked with the Backstreet Boys on their A Very Backstreet Christmas project.  

Aside from that, Josh is an artist, touring DJ, engineer, and overall hustler. Making him a force to be reckoned with! YNG Josh got his foot in the industry and rose to prominence after working with Champagne Therapy. While also playing drums for Quincy Combs. Keeping up the momentum, YNG Josh preserves his brand’s elevation. In doing so, he remains committed to the hustle and grinding hard with a passion. Never allowing anyone or anything to distract him from the goal! Now, YNG Josh drops off three trailblazing tracks off of Chris Brown’s latest offering, BREEZY. Press play here at KAZI Magazine and let us know what you think! 



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