YK Osiris Impatiently Waits For a Reply On His Newest Single & Video, “Leave Me On Read”

After the release of his RIAA double-platinum single, “Worth It”, claiming to be the King of R&B, and challenging various rappers to boxing matches, YK Osiris continues to make headlines releasing his newest single and video for, “Leave Me On Read”. Serving as the follow-up to his single, the track “Ride” featuring west-coast songstress Kehlani, he discusses the predicament of being left on read.

Throughout the video, YK Osiris pays homage to early and mid-2000’s R&B visual effects with his use of split screens and physical dramatics. Overall, “Leave Me On Read” lyricizes the issues of overthinking and impatiently waiting for a response from his significant other, in his latest record he states:

“Leave me on read / Flexin’, actin’ like you didn’t get the message / Sayin’ that I’m talkin to my exes / You ain’t gotta, leave me on read”

Check out the full video to “Leave Me On Read” by YK Osiris below,

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