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Donnielle Savage who better known as YelleSavage, is an entrepreneur, singer, and model. Yelle is from Saint Louis, MO, Savage went to Webster Groves High School & has a strong passion and great talent at making music and content. Savage currently has a boss mindset & mentality as she is nowhere interested in putting millions of dollars into the pocket of someone else, while she does all the work. Yelle is more interested in being the boss and CEO herself. She moves like an entrepreneur with the entrepreneurial mindset, YelleSavage believes that if someone wants something, you are the person who is going to make that happen for you. This shows her attitude and where she gets her great work ethic from.  Although Savage is focusing on Instagram now, she does not neglect her other platforms because she loves connecting with people. YelleSavage has expressed “I’m going to be the inspiration for people wanting to do things their own way but are too afraid. That was me at one point. Too afraid and feeling like no one believed in me or what I was doing. Then I realized that none of that matters.” Savage is a wonderful kind person and spreads light when she is around. The young artist is indeed destined for great things.

“What matters is how I feel about myself and what I’m willing to do, not only for myself, but for others in my community. My plans are to make beautiful content that entices and enchants my audience, I also just want them to see the real me. It’s a balancing act but to me that’s the secret of building an empire.”

This is an excellent mindset for any content creator or any person for that matter, to have. This shows that YelleSavage wisdom is beyond her years as she continues to make noise in the industry. YelleSavage is currently expanding her music portfolio and amplifying her knowledge of marketing and business so she can know the game inside and out. There is a lot more to come from YelleSavage. “I can’t wait to take everyone on my journey of successes, it’s going to be legendary!” she says. She is focused on success and won’t let anything stop her on her journey to it.

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