YECR Blowing Up On The Internet 

Lincoln Delaware’s own YECR has been making music since 2020. For the past 3 years he has been on the grind and putting his all into his chosen path and destiny. 

I started making music in 2020, after surpassing 1 million streams on his single “available” and gaining over 100k Instagram followers, 

YECR uncle is his biggest inspiration because of how much he never gave up, his uncle also introduced him into making music. He doesn’t plan on signing any record deals unless it’s partnered with his own music group YECR Music Records. YECR understands how it is important to market his music online and build a presence. The next step for him is to keep on going with his music and hopefully get verified on social media. Depression and struggle is one hell of a mixture, but it’s the main reason of staying focused on his music career, YECR feels the struggle and know what it’s like to be alone so the best thing is to have a little voice in the back of your head through his powerful lyrics.

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