YDG Dezzi’s New Single

YDG Dezzi, whose acronym means “You’re Destined for Greatness,” is living up to the title. He is a native of Montego Bay, Jamaica, who has had an interest in music from an early age. He started singing at the age of 9 in the choir at church and school. He is primarily self-taught but has taken some instrumental lessons he has used to play the piano. YDG is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. His culture is a big part of his sound. 

Through hard work, YDG’s hobby has turned into a profession impacting many young people while breaking down the barriers of poverty. He brings fresh energy to hip-hop with his snappy vocals and head-bouncing beats. In his wide range of songs, Dezzii’s quick rhymes punctuate the word flow. 

His songs are about getting rich and the eternal battles of love and betrayal. Dezzii confidently shares his perspectives through colorful language and original style. In his lyrics, you can smell passion, upbeat, aggressiveness, and a thought-provoking mind. Through his lyrics, Dezzii has a special connection with his audience. 

His ideas stem from events, memories, and the work of other artists. Dezzii is changing the trap genre, proving there are no rules for creating outstanding tracks. Dezzii’s most significant elements are the beat, instrument, and sound, each representing an entity. Rhythmic, melodic, and confident, YDG’s work sounds different, with each track containing different energy. 

YDG finds inspiration from listening to a variety of artists. He ensures he takes in creativity from each. Some of his influences include Future, 21 Savage, Bob Marley, among others. He is now encouraging his fans and lifting them to recognize that it is never impossible for dreamers to live their dreams. 

YDG is currently preparing to release his first mixtape along with new singles and music videos. His new single, “ydg_dezzii,” is available on all major streaming platforms. The latest release is aimed at growing his core audience. 

 With his insane energy and uniqueness in each song, you can expect an enticing mixtape. His music is available on all major streaming platforms. Why miss the fantastic lyrics? 

Through music, Dezzii is establishing peace for himself mentally, creatively, and emotionally. He also nourishes his listeners with them. YDG is already making waves in the music industry worldwide, and he is undoubtedly a visionary set to disrupt the global music industry.

Instagram: @ydg_dezzii 

Facebook: @ydg_dezzii 

Twitter: @ydgdezzii

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