Xheffie Drops “NONSTOP” Featuring Dbx2

Xheffie is back with the release of his latest music video, “NONSTOP“, featuring Toronto
artist Dbx2. The video, directed by both TK Productions and Anthony La Rose Films, features
lively performances from both the artists. The song’s lively production lends well to both artists’
styles, painting a picture of how Xheffie’s “Nonstop” work ethic is earned from a life of hustling
for his own.

Xheffie continues to be one of Toronto’s best wordsmiths – with his ability to paint vivid
pictures with words in a fresh, modern way. While it’s clear Xheffie is influenced by many classic
hip hop artists, his ability to be versalite shows more and more on each song. Toronto’s Dbx2
matches Xheffie’s energy quite well on the song – the two artists going back and forth quite well.

Throughout his career, the Toronto talent has garnered great feedback and earned an expansive fanbase that continues to grow. In doing so, he collaborated with internationally
acclaimed artists like Blacka Da Don, Pilla B, and Heartless G. Because Xheffie’s music has always been narrative in nature, he has a close fanbase of music-listeners and industry-heads alike. The listener is often taken on a thrilling, immersive journey; with mixtapes ‘Avenue Intro’ and ‘Kolder,’ being prime examples of this. Xheffie has six mixtapes to his credit, so it has been clear to his fans that he has stories to tell. Lastly, he is on the road to becoming an internationally renowned artist. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself here at KAZI Magazine!


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