WHYNOTduce Is Breaking Barriers For Pusha T’s HWMG

WHYNOTduce is allowing listeners to hear and see what it’s like to have to choose between two paths towards your destiny in his latest single and visual “Lord Save Me.” The song’s soulful and melodic beat helps the Virginia native to tell a story of the saint versus the sinner, as he tries to change his lifestyle but is met with difficulties.

“It’s basically giving people insight into what life has been like before and after I signed to Pusha T’s label “HeirWave Music Group,” he said during an interview. “Before, it’s like I’m trapped in Virginia and after, it’s like I’m no longer trapped but the road I’m traveling now, it’s more difficult than I thought.”

His visual for “Lord Save Me” which has garnered 28,000 views in less than a month, only further aids in helping bring his story to life. Viewers can see WHYNOTduce and his co-stars in seemingly parallel universes. The video goes between two scenes with the first being in church, where the artist stands in the pulpit speaking into the mic while those in the audience seem captivated and motivated by his lyrics. 

Pusha T Has Extreme Faith In WHYNOTduce

On the other hand, viewers are also shown scenes of the same set of people and WHYNOTduce in the streets. They are wearing all black and toting guns all the while behaving like hooligans. In the video’s three minutes we watch one specific character’s twisted fate play out. Furthermore, he chooses the “right” path by leaving the streets. Unfortunately, his past catches up to him in the form of others who have not yet chosen to do the same. 

The track and its video showcase WHYNOTduce’s unique sound and ability. Moreover, he produces something that truly makes you think about the choices afforded to us in this life. “Lord Save Me” comes before the artist’s next project, Every Emotion, which is something he says listeners can expect to hear on it. 

The Virginia Creative On His Newest Records

“I detail every emotion I felt or went through, or even witnessed from a friend”. “Some of the stories and feelings and certain situations might be inspired by someone close to me. I took all of that, and put it into a project.” 

– WhyNOTduce

While there is no set release date for the upcoming project, be sure to follow the budding star on Twitter. This will help catch when he announces its debut as well as other things he has in the works. The Pusha T cosign is one of our 21 VA Artists To Watch. Watch the video for “Lord Save Me” below or listen here.

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