Who is Rising Celebrity Director George “Filmrat” Kiadii!?

George “Filmrat” Kiadii is a well-known director in the Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, and Los Angeles areas! He has built his network of artists, labels, and entrepreneurs over the years. George is truly creative when it comes to filming anything really. His work ethic and determination have landed him surpassing some of the competitive directors in his areas of work. His creative ability to take something out of nothing and create a masterpiece video and have it fit the client’s budget truly takes expertise and talent. Growing up watching many music videos and listening to songs has shaped his ability to create concepts and visually bring them to life fairly quickly.

Filmrat has worked with an assortment of rising artists on the south, east, and west coasts. He’s worked with John Gabanna, OMB Peezy, Backend Child, Aleksa Safiya, Tha Rift, and many more!

His films have landed on BET Jams, Worldstar Hiphop, and numerous magazine and online publications. His notoriety has landed the relationships he’s built along the way in the music industry. George has caught the attention of label executives, A&Rs, and managers seeking new talent. George has made it a goal along with his films to help artists gain exposure through his creative films.

Working on Atlantic Records artists video has also catapulted Filmrat into the hip-hop scene and culture as a director that will be around for quite some time. His name and work have stamped itself for approval from those he’s built with along the way.

In 2020, FilmRat lost his father to COVID and not long after that, lost his grandmother. At this difficult time in his life, he’s dedicated his work to his father who has inspired him to keep going and never give up. FilmRat’s work ethic just shows you how strong he is as an individual and the drive that he has will continue to boost him forward in the industry. When George is not filming, he’s back to his gym life as of today, seeing that hard times are now behind him. He spends his free time exercising, playing video games, watching more films for inspiration, eating at his favorite hibachi spot, or vacationing in Miami FL, NYC, or LA. He aims to visit Japan, South Africa, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico in the new year 2022. Maybe to get away, find inspiration or even find new talent to film.

All of these inspirations have led to FilmRat cranking out top-notch film pieces. He shoots with a RED Dragon, RED Raven, an assortment of lenses and drones, and a small team of 1-3 people. Even with a small team, FilmRat and his team manage to create some epic visuals for the talented artists that have worked with him.

Stay tuned for what’s on the horizon for George “Filmrat” Kiadii and follow his Instagram @filmrat_ to keep up with his projects!

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