“Who Dis!?” Josh Scottt With A New Single

Rising Houston based artist Josh Scottt is on fire these days. Returning to the music scene with an impressive new single titled “Who Dis” the southern rap is taking his authentic rap flows to the next level.

He sends a message to everyone thinking he is out here playing when it comes to making it big as a rap star.

On “Who Dis” you will hear Scottt’s effortlessly flowing about having a new attitude which requires him to switch his phone number, ladies, and swagger.  As this song title is references the slang phrase “Who Dis” which is a way of asking who someone is when communicating, he does a great job of embodying it on this record.

Some lyrics that stand out the most include “I am a rapper I ain’t rich, I ain’t flexin like those dude, but if you could hold me down I might shower you in jewels.” 

When you pair Josh Scottt’s original rap style with the futuristic inspired beat; it is a match made in Heaven. This song is a testimony of how far Scottt has come as a recording artist and man.

When you level up in life, you have to make decisions that support your new lifestyle and that is exact what this rising emcee is doing. 

Press play below to tap in with original musical styles of Josh Scottt for his new “Who Dis” Single. 

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