Whiterosemoxie Drops The Visuals For “delafayette”

After the release of his mixtape, grae ceilings Detroit’s very own, whiterosemoxie releases the visuals for his track titled, “delafayette”. Produced by Kaleb Waterman, “delafayette” incorporates melodic trap elements in its sound. The track is a genuine party anthem as it speaks of enjoying the moment despite the negatives surrounding.

Directed by Jax Anderson, the visuals for “delafayette” captures the entirety of the phrase it was good until it wasn’t. At a party, Moxie sees someone flaunting his significant other and has him escorted out. Afterward, they see Moxie’s car vandalized with bats as they drive off through the night unscathed. Along with the music video for “mist outside,” “delafayette” is the second of a four-part series of visuals that combine into a short film.

As for the meaning and inspiration of “delafayette” moxie states:

“delafayette is the party track. you’re not just at the party, you’re there and you’re feelin yourself. what’s different about this from the party tracks I had on white ceilings is that there is a new tension in these kinds of party environments for me. I think you feel that when you watch the video and really listen to the shit I’m saying”.

Be sure to watch the full video for “delafayette” below. For more news, updates, and upcoming releases from whiterosemoxie be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter @whiterosemoxie.

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