White Dave Delivers “No Tip Toe”

Bay Area-bred rhymer and producer White Dave returns with some more heat to wrap the summer! He serves up his most recent release with the waviest visuals for his trendy track titled, “No Tip Toe”. The Markush-produced “No Tip Toe” track provides a Bay Area groove that digs deep into the soul. It includes a lyrical flow that stands alongside his peers. He continues to create music that stands the test of time. As a result, he delivers sounds that are both unique and infectious is a difficult road to travel. But, for White Dave, that road is as familiar as the air we breathe. 

White Dave

“No Tip Toe”

As a result, White Dave unveils the visuals for his standout single “No Tip Toe” off his 2022 exhilarating EP, The Bake Sale. This promising project demonstrates to the industry as to how he has amassed multi-million streams on Spotify alone; an accomplishment few can claim. 

Throughout the visual, audiences witness White Dave in various settings as he hits his dances in the flyers fits! Exuding Bay Area energy in each aesthetic. In fact, White Dave embraces his West Coast roots effortlessly on the track, displaying his lyrical yet flossy sound. Dave’s passion for his craft is undeniable, and his vivacity does not go unnoticed, with the high-class video complementing the laconic, laid-back beats.

I started dedicating my life to music the moment I realized, that’s what makes life worth living… Being passionate, dedicated, focused and determined. I’m filled with magic because everyday I get to wake up and create art from nothing.”

The Rise Of White Dave

Dave, real name Noah David Coogler, rose to prominence with his musical placements in the critically acclaimed films “Creed” and “Black Panther”. Both of which were directed by his brother Ryan Coogler. With four albums and a slew of singles already under his belt— “No Tip Toe” is just the latest example of how talented and creative an artist he is. It’s just a taste of what fans can expect from him as he prepares to release his fifth project in 2023. Although White Dave is not “Tip-To”-ing into the future but is making the boldest of returns! In doing so, he announces that a great artist will always deliver what the people want.

For now, do yourself the favor and get familiar with this trailblazing talent better known as White Dave. Be sure to press play on the “No Tip Toe” visuals and run up his streams. Lastly, let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine! 


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