Westside Webb Represents For The West Coast In New Project ‘Player Games Pt.1

Westside Webb is representing the west coast and speaks on the game of life through his newest project ‘Player Games Pt. 1’ and brings several meaningful tracks about hustle, grind, and struggle. Through ‘Player Games Pt.1,’ the Long Beach, CA native delivers a smooth yet impactful flow, with each track offering a new perspective and story. Westside Webb went the extra mile to develop this masterpiece, and each track builds on the theme of life as well as his own experiences.

In his own words, Westside Webb mentioned, “Life inspired this project. Everyday hustle, struggle, and living.” He further added, “Nothing is easy. Continue to be the player you are because we’re all playing this game called life. And know that when it gets rough, stay down, because that’s how it’s supposed to feel.”

Webb believes that life is not supposed to be easy and that everyone has their own battles to conquer. When the going gets tough, the only logical thing is to keep pushing as there is light at the end of the tunnel. This incredible message is one of the main reasons behind the growing traction of Westside Webb. 

His career is filled with phenomenal pieces like “Progress” and “Can’t Relate,” as this artist is no beginner in the music scene. While maintaining extensive professional experience, this artist focuses primarily on developing his craft. Thousands of fans tune in to his tracks daily, and Westside Webb intends to dominate the industry in the coming years. 

“I feel like music speaks a foreign language and only a few understand, and I definitely understand,” he says. “It makes my soul feel good, it makes me happy to see people happy while listening to something I created from scratch from my own thought process.”

Fresh off the heels of the music video release for his single “Different Goals,” Westside Webb is continuing the momentum and will continue to shoot music videos in the next couple of months. In the meantime, stream ‘Player Games Pt. 1’ below.


Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/westside-webb/1207110346

“Different Goals” Music Video:


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