WesCovDru Heats Up The Streets With ‘Now Or Never’

Wooing the world from the West Coast is none other than WesCovDru! This humbling hitmaker is a dream chaser with an unmatched passion for music. Since music is ingrained profoundly in his soul, he looks forward to spending the rest of his life working in the music industry. In fact, when he started his voyage of soul-searching, he asked himself, “What do I love to do? What has always been a part of me? What can I imagine myself doing for the rest of my life?,” uh that moment you can see if written all over his face that he came to a life changing decision.

Where It All Began For WesCovDru

He found the answers to all of these concerns by following a path that included reading self-help books, getting back in touch with God, and discovering himself through inspirational videos. His music career goals vary. This is because he is open to wherever the music takes him as long as he has enough money to sustain his passion. He wishes to advance within his platform in order to be able to produce music for the rest of his life. Also, he hopes that by doing so, he can inspire other young dream chasers like himself. 

“I just want to spread positive messages to the world…” he says.

He encourages people to live not in fear, but in their truth and true talents. He hopes that fewer people are discouraged by the opinions of others. As a result, they will fight for their dreams as he has. He is a firm believer that anything is possible if you put your heart and mind to it.

Love all, be kind, stay humble, never give up, Trust God!” 

Staying true to himself and his talents, WesCovDru’s returns with the release of his latest project, Now Or Never. The new project has a distinct sound and showcases his versatility. Additionally, each track highlights his upbringing and lifestyle while also giving listeners insight into where he is headed next! For now, get familiar with this rising rhymer! Lastly, let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine


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