Weku Did That Has Sneaky Good Production

Weku Did That is one of R&B and Hip-Hop’s fast-rising musicians. One word that stands out to me when I hear rising music producer Weku Did That, is that it has mystique. The masked producer is making a lot of noise with Atlanta artist Rene Bonét. Moreover, the combination of the two is hard to look over. It’s easy to see that he is creating a sound soon to be craved by a lot of artists, in a genre he is calling “Trap Rock”. The known to be R&B producer first revealed his new style of production with Bully Barbé. The project was filled with electric guitars, melodic basslines, and hard-hitting 808 drums, making it an alternative rapper’s dream to hop on.

The Atlanta-based producer recently released an instrumental project on all streaming platforms titled The Case For R&B Vol 1. and many of the singer-songwriters that have had the pleasure of hearing the project have selected personal favorites. Multi-platinum selling songwriter Mickey Shiloh, even wrote, recorded, and released a song using a record from the project titled I Got Your Number.

Weku Did That Is Striving To Be The Best

Weku Did That is building up quite the catalog independently. This does not intend to get distracted. In fact, he told us how important it is for him to stay focused on everything that he’s doing. Being that he wears several different hats, cinematographer, creative director, video editor, to name a few, and working as a producer, he believes that focus is one of the key factors in the success that he has had thus far.

When mentioning his goals to us, he mentioned always remaining grounded. Weku states, “I feel like when you reach certain levels and accomplish certain things, it’s straightforward to take on a bit of an ego. Moreover, with that being said, I feel that can happen to even the most humble person. I try to keep that in mind even when talking to my peers. Also, at the end of the day, I feel success will only make you more of who you are”. There are wise words from the seemingly humble and mysterious producer.

Check the project out down below!

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