“Wayne’s Story” Visual Shows Why We Miss King Von

Following the tragic passing of ascending Chicago star King Von, his team releases the official video for “Wayne’s Story.” The video is for one of his favorite singles off his recent release Welcome To O’Block.

Directed by Joán based on a treatment King Von wrote himself, he had originally planned to make “Wayne’s Story” into a three-part series, like his breakout Crazy Story.” Though he was not able to complete the trilogy, the latest addition showcases why so many fans worldwide loved Von.

He has a way of mixing award winning author story telling and make it fit modern day production. Von’s style of music not only touched the lives of his hood colleagues but multiple groups of people from different walks of life from all corners of the world.

King Von biggest gift to music was the ability to unify all walks of life while telling his life through music. For him to be able to write such a creative video treatment to such a deep song show’s why Von will be missed for generations to come.

To celebrate Von’s artistry, music, and vision, Von’s team will continue to roll out Welcome To O’Block, while continuing to share unreleased music, videos, and interviews that Von was able to complete in his lifetime. Stay tuned for more information.

Watch King Von Wayne’s Story below

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