Warren Wint Returns With Real Rap On ‘The R.A.P Album’

Warren Wint, a Long Island rhymer known for his deep emotional tracks, has provided his listeners with another no-skip-necessary masterpiece. His latest offering titled The R.A.P Album features a slew of sizzling stars such as: Reek Da Villain, Yvng Legacy, Status, Brodie Fresh, Avenue A, RKHTY, and Alexza. Staying true to its title, Warren wraps his raw and real rap lyricism around listeners’ necks.  

This one is deep, thoughtful, and inspiring. Not only for people suffering from the struggle, but for everyone who needs a little pick-me-up after the world dealt them the wrong card. The Eddie Deuce and Solarrio-produced project arrives alongside featured production assists as well. Fan favorite “Big L.I” was produced by Obi, Orioncreates does just that with “B.B.L”. Following production by Illastr8tor and N.V Beats on the highly anticipated album’s lead single, “Growth”. 

The R.A.P Album

Powerful yet soulful, The R.A.P Album brings nostalgic 90s rhymes and soundscapes. While mastering the modern day vibes with Warren’s rhymes ringing bells on every track. Warren Wint’s perspective on his musical career is that he wants people to truly see him as an artist and to deep dive into his artistry. In doing so, he uses his thought-proving tracks to paint the perfect picture. Bringing his lyricism to life. Many artists may like to talk tough, fabricatie stories about streetlife or even occasionally disclosing the truth about their background.

Nevertheless Warren Wint is authentic, possibly the most authentic rapper on the scene. You can see for yourself what motivated him to create this album. I’d rather let his lyrics speak for themselves. When you’re warped in Warren Wint’s world, you learn by listening. With an impressive and innovative catalog, Warren will open your mind to new perspectives. With hard hitting production, layered with smooth melodic synths, that take you back to a time where if you knew you could rap — you didn’t. Back when skill outweighed the popularity test of society. He’s consistently more philosophical than his image suggests, and he’s convincingly contemplative. 

He repeatedly reflects on his journey, exalting the benefits of hard work and forward motion no matter what cards are stacked against you. You’d be excused if you thought his greatest days were behind him. He outperforms on every track with his ferociously articulate delivery. On his most recent studio album, the leading L.I. lyricist is older and wiser, yet he shows no signs of subsiding or losing drive. The engaging 11-track album shows sophisticated flows that convey a variety of vibes. On tracks like, “Blue Check” featuring Reek Da Villian, “Sun Don’t Shine” featuring Status and Brodie Fresh, and “Book Of Warren”, the instrumentals stick to an East Coast aesthetic, reshaping traditional New York boom-bap into interesting new forms.

What’s Next for Warren Wint?

Warren’s storytelling lyrics are hitting harder than ever. But, he balances out his tales of street dominance and underworld dealings with moments of honest self-reflection. It clearly reflects an untold number of changes in his life. In addition to the long road he’s taken in order to get where he is at this stage. Soaring with an authentic gritty New York street rap style, much of the album finds Warren addressing relatable topics and confessing his fears, exposing a vulnerability we love and hear in most of his catalog.

Credited as one of Warren’s most impressive works to date, The R.A.P. Album is a culmination of everything he’s experienced and achieved so far, and a bridge to the next phase of his life. Maintaining momentum, the raved rhymer returns with a new trendy track titled, “Round #20“, as it premiered on the The Punchline Academy. As a result, he remains on his reign in the musical ring, with his mic wrapped around the industry’s neck. Press play on the astounding album on your preferred DSP! Lastly, let us know your thoughts here at KAZI Magazine


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