Vory & Landstrip Chip Drop “This Side” Visual

Vory is ready to take the next step upon the heels of his first project with Meek Mill‘s Dream Chasers. The DC rookie of the year tagged established artist/songwriter Landstrip Chip to be a part of his EP’s standout track, “This Side.” Two multi-platinum songwriters together will usually always end the way this one did, a hit! The new visual shows the two talented creatives alongside some beautiful women in a gentlemen’s club. The Sara Lamcombe-directed visual is nothing short of visually stunning. Although the mini-movie is only 3 minutes, you get to see what it is like for a performer who is not having the best night. We all hear stories about these nightclubs, but the visual does a great job detailing the various scenarios these performers go through.

“This Side” is a record that will stand the test of time in Vory’s catalog. Some records are hard to forget and this is one of his. With him and Chip trading melodic verses over some tantalizing production, the song just works. Furthermore, fans should expect a lot more from Vory and his team over at Dream Chasers. For now, enjoy his latest offering that is sure to boost the profile of the fast rising crooner.

Peep the visual here!

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