VISION Delivers Rhythmic & Hard-Hitting Anthem “Real Albanian” 

UK rap artist and musician VISION has delivered a powerful and hard-hitting anthem “Real Albanian” dedicated to his Albanian roots. VISION serves as the first UK Albanian Rapper on the biggest platforms such as Grm Daily and LinkUpTV. “Real Albanian” is another concentrated, compelling release from VISION. It features powerful, carefully constructed poetry mixed with smooth flows and Drill and Grime influences. 

“Real Albanian” showcases the artist’s proclivity for blending dark and light components, as well as aggression with uplifting, motivating content, by fusing delicate synths with a strong, emotional rhythm section for an unusual contrast. It’s an eclectic, ethereal smash that emphasizes the songwriting of VISION and has a ton of replay value.

With production driven by Ditto and Tweeko handling the mixing, the newest single from VISION, follows the artist’s incredibly productive streak. He has produced hits like “Nobody Move,” “Taking Over The Town,” which boasts of over 10 million views on Youtube. 

Vision is currently busy with activities such as an international feature on the way with Albanian act Sevi and an upcoming appearance in season 3 of the UK’s biggest freestyle platform The Cold Room. In addition, to a remix with Sykes, rakz, AM, Tight road baby. As well as a single titled “ERLING” is also in the works. While gearing up for a club R&B record coming out this month featuring Shide boss, Akelle Wstrn, Diana drill. Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for VISION’s next drop!


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