Virginia’s Own, Sækyi Gifts Fans With Tasty Visual For “Cake”

DMV artist Sækyi released the summer bop “Cake” along with a music video. The emerging artist is setting the tone for what is to come summer 2019 and he’s coming full force. From the sound to the perfectly crafted music video, Sækyi is not to be played with. It’s only a matter of time before the artist becomes a household name.

From beginning to end, Sækyi takes you on a ride, as he receives the greatest gift one could want. With his playful double entendres and unique metaphors, he allows you to enter within the closed doors where “after hour” gifts are collected. “Cake” takes you to a place that many listeners recognize and others fantasize. Creating a sense of euphoria and hunger that can only be satiated with “Cake.”   

Listen to the song and watch “Cake” the music video, trust me you will want more.

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