Viral Sensation, Young Nut Returns With His Intriguing New Video

Well, well, well… Hey, Tempe! I see you doing your thing, assimilating yourself into the Hip-Hop conversation. I see you, and I’m here to help. Hailing from Tempe, rising native Young Nut has been making some noise on the internet, thanks to his initial hit, “I Don’t Eat Ass”. Returning to the spotlight, he drops off his even more enjoyable video for, “May I”.

From the jump, the motives of, “May I” are a little unclear. In the Collin Miller directed video, you Nut standing outside a girls bedroom window with a radio, trying one of the oldest tricks in the book. What sets this apart is what comes out of the radio, one of the early favorites for chorus of the year, as Nut croons his heart out, visibly begging for some, loving. Or, “coooooooooochie”, as he puts it, over some ridiculous production from tECnician and Felix Herbst.

In short, “May I” is without a doubt worth the listen, and while his image may be all fun and games, his talent and his potential impact, are not.

Check out, “May I” above.

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