Vincent de Boer is Using His Extensive Knowledge to Help Drive Away The Blues

Everyone has had a difficult time as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Amid these trying times, Vincent de Boer emerged as a music producer. Like billions of others around the world, he was anxious and depressed. That’s when music became a coping mechanism for him. During the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, the 20-year-old began work on his EP, “Famous.” The rapper is helping drive away from the blues with his vast knowledge of vibrant hip-hop style and rhythms.

His incredible musical sense has made him a well-known artist in his Dutch region. Given the amount of hard work and commitment he has put in, it’s not shocking that he’s become a local sensation so quickly.

In de Boer’s musical style, the artist is known for creating some of the best hip-hop songs with a hint of electronica. The beats are vivid and brilliant, instantly lifting your moods. “Famous” is a short EP, but it seems to tell a tale filled with anxiety, sorrow, uncertainty, and finally happiness in only a few songs. All great music should evoke these feelings in us, and de Boer does an outstanding job of tugging at our heartstrings. 

So, the next time you’re feeling down, put on your headphones and indulge in de Boer’s musical therapy!

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