Vina Love Celebrates Her Birthday With Trendy Track “#N.F.S.”

Recently, R&B and Hip-Hop starlet Vina Love, unleashed her latest single “#N.F.S.”. The brand new banger serves as an anthem to all the haters. For the debut of her trendy new track, she sat upon her throne as she celebrated the new release and her 25th birthday bash! 

Throughout her career, she has been referred to as the “Princess of Harlem” so in a fitting twist, she did just that. Although she grew up the daughter of iconic, legendary DJ Kid Capri, she still followed her own dreams. She honed her craft by attending a performing arts school in the hopes of molding the knowledge to her advantage.

As a result, she stepped on the scene and kept her heels on the industry’s neck since. In fact, Vina Love has appeared as a guest star on the hit television show Love and Hip-Hop: New York. This further cements her place in pop culture.

Additionally, when she’s not topping the music charts, she is involved in charities such as “Bowling for Peace” and performing to raise funds for low-income children. Whether she’s tapping into her artistry through her music or bringing awareness across the world, Vina Love is leaving her imprint on fans worldwide. 

Now, she hopes to utilize her talents to produce more great music through her own label, Amore Love Records. For now, press play on the hot new visuals for her trendy track titled “#N.F.S.”. Let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine


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