Victory Brooks – E-Girl (Official Music Video)

Victory Brooks has returned with her self-titled debut EP. She incorporates various different sounds and elements throughout the project, blending her unique voice with the melodies of the music. She was originally discovered as a guitar player and re-emerged as an extraordinarily versatile artist. She shows just how diverse she can be, and mixes a few sub-genres in her sound in an awesome way! Hip-hop 808s, catchy guitar melodies, and pop-influenced vocals are a part of  Victory’s unique sound. 

An interesting fact about the project is that the EP was recorded in Moscow, Russia. It gave Victory a chance to travel and have some memorable experiences while producing great music at the same time. The four-track EP features the previously released tracks “E-Girl” and “Blood On My Prada”. The EP is representative of Victory figuring out life. She opens up about vulnerable topics and exposes the dark side of partying lifestyle in “Blood On My Prada”. Victory Brooks talks about the extremes and the misfortunate sadness, using her voice as a platform to influence. Check out Victory Brooks and her previous content to hear more from this amazing artist.

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