Vicious J Is Transforming Houston Rap

Vicious J is a critically acclaimed emerging Hip-Hop artist hailing from Houston. Vicious J is known for his intense signature rap delivery & supreme cadence. His music often reflects on the brutal realities of growing up in Houston’s inner city, and he has been praised for his authenticity and willingness to speak his truth. 

Houston is a key piece of Hip-Hop history. 

It was clear early on that Vicious J had talent. His unique delivery and cadence set him apart from other rappers. In fact, his intensely personal lyrics connected with listeners. People couldn’t get enough of him. As Vicious J has steadily worked to establish Houston’s hip-hop scene in the last few years, he is quickly becoming one of the city’s best-known and respected rappers. In 2018, Vicious J released the highly anticipated track “Pressure.” The track was met with overwhelming critical acclaim, with many calling it the official Houston hustler anthem. ‘Pressure’ illuminates life’s darkest realities and provides listeners with a blueprint for survival.  

Vicious J’s life reflects betting on yourself. 

Understanding the power of his musical gift, Vicious J lives his life in a different gear than other artists. Believing in yourself when everything around you is crumbling is the mark of a true warrior. Pursuing the unthinkable is a road less traveled. Walking the streets of Houston without fear is reserved for self-made individuals. 

Overall, staying true to your roots is vital to surviving in Houston. Making it home safe every night is priceless and life-saving for African American men. Achieving your destiny in life comes at a price most people simply cannot afford. Additionally, climbing the mountain of greatness is rigorous, death-defying, divine, and life-changing. Getting to the top of the mountain requires ‘Championship DNA,’ abnormal faith in oneself, and a lion’s heart. Running and operating a full-fledged multimedia company is a 24/7 process.  

In addition to being the CEO of Tru Legacy Entertainment, LLC which is the major piece of Vicious J’s generational wealth puzzle. While heading into 2023, he has several TV/Film projects slated for release via Amazon Prime and Apple TV. Furthermore, entering a visual distribution deal with RADIOPUSHERS TV gives his brand global visibility. Lastly, stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more!



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