Vic Sage & Dizzy Wright Connect For “Fast Life”

Vic Sage is a rapper rising above the waters from Omaha, NE. He’s known for his projects Long Days Longer Nights and personal fan favorite, Broke & Happy. After working with global entities, the emcee recently broke 7 million streams across platforms. Just last month, Vic dropped off “OMW” with Rockie Fresh. The song showcases their undeniable talent which leads us to his latest effort.

“Fast Life” is a collaboration featuring Dizzy Wright, who rose to viral fame during the 2013 circa. As the title hints, the track addresses living fast and bearing the fruits of a career in music. “Don’t get too attached ’cause you know I cannot stay,” Vic sums it up.

“I remember getting the vocals back from Dizzy and being speechless,” Vic states. “This is a guy that I have listened to for so many years and I specifically remember replaying his XXL cypher over and over when I was in high school. What a time.” Check out the single below.

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